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Walnut Hollow Ranch Is Known For All Natural, High Quality, Grass-Pastured Beef From Black Angus Cattle

Producing A Healthy Beef Choice For Your Family


What is All Natural Beef? 

  • No Antibiotics Used
  • No Added Hormones or Steroids
  • No Growth Promoting Drugs
  • No Medicated Feeds or Ionophores
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet, No Animal By-products


  • Artificially Bred Specifically for Beef Genetics
  • Source Verified to Ranch of Birth
  • Humane Animal Handling Practices
  • USDA Inspected Slaughterhouse & Butcher
  • Free of Preservatives & Chemical Tenderizers
  • Harvested at a Young Age (18-24 months)

Nutritional Facts About All Natural Farm Raised Beef

Compared to Confined Feedlot Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Pastured Beef Is:

  • Two to four times richer in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids
  • Higher in "good" unsaturated fats and lower in "bad" saturated fats
  • Three to five times higher in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) content
  • Lower in calories
  • High in Vitamin B complex (niacin, riboflavin, and B12)
  • Rich in Zinc, Iron, and Digestible Protein
  • High in all Nine Essential Amino Acids
  • High in Vitamin A (as beta carotene) and Vitamin E
  • Virtually devoid of risk of Mad Cow Disease and Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Reduce the risk of E. coli food poisoning
  • Low stress environment keeps the cattle healthier

Grain feeding promotes the growth of dangerous E. coli that is more likely to pass

through your stomach and infect your colon.  When cattle are fed grass, the

amount of dangerous E. coli decreases dramatically.

(Microbes Infect 2000 Jan;2(1):45-53)


Prices & Selection of Cuts


    Pounds of Beef

  # of Boxes


Price per Pound

        20 pounds


  Plastic sealed


        40 pounds


  Plastic sealed


        60 pounds


  Plastic sealed


        80 pounds


  Plastic sealed


   Quarter beef share

     90-100 pounds


  Paper wrapped


 Good Value

  Quarter beef share

     90-100 pounds


  Plastic sealed


Custom half beef share

    190-210 pounds


  Paper wrapped


  Best Value

Custom half beef share

    190-210 pounds


  Plastic sealed



20 Pound Box Includes

        9-10 ground beef

        1 chuck roast

        2 t-bone or 2 rib eye steaks

        1 sirloin or skirt steak

        1 cube steak

        1 stew meat package



Quarter Beef Share Includes 

        4-5 chuck roast 

        2-3 shoulder roast 

        6-8 rib eye steaks

        1 skirt or flank


        6-8 t-bone steaks 

        6-8 sirloin steaks  

        2 sirloin tip roast 

        1 eye round roast

        2-3 london broil  

        3-4 packages cube steak  

        3-4 packages stew meat  

        35-40 packages ground beef 

        free soup bones

        cuts may vary


Custom Half Beef Share

        Custom halves can be cut to your specifications

        You can choose larger roasts, omit certain roasts,

      thicker steaks, add more stew beef or other request

        You can choose double paper wrap or plastic sealed




Savings & Discounts

  • Choose cost saving double paper wrap with Half Shares for best value

Half Shares, save aprox. $240 (equal to saving $1.20 per lb.)

(packages of cuts are not weighed individually)

  • No Sales Tax on Quarters or Half Shares

 Processing & Packaging

  • Walnut Hollow Ranch uses Waldrep’s Meat Processing in Ellijay, GA,
  • USDA inspected plant
  • The carcass is dry aged for 10-14 days 
  • Plastic vacuum-sealed pkgs are individually labeled for a family of 2-4
  • Double paper wrapped pkg are individually labeled for a family of 2-4
  • Boxes are sealed in 10 X 10 corrugated cardboard boxes


Beef is trimmed very well… you do not pay for fat or bone

We offer only high quality cuts


  • Steaks cut 1” to 1 “ thick, 2 to a pack
  • Ground beef aprox. 1 pound packages
  • Roasts 3-5 pounds
  • Other cuts, liver, tongue upon request
  • Soup bones or Dog bones (not included in weight)


1)     Select your beef package

2)     Call or email to process your order

3)     Mail in your deposit check to reserve your beef share

        20 pound boxes are generally available, or $50 will reserve share

        $100 deposit required for 40 or 60 Pounds of beef

        $200 deposit required for a Quarter Share of beef

        $500 deposit required for a customized Half Share of beef


Check payable to Walnut Hollow Ranch

Mail to:  Charlie Kissling

                   Walnut Hollow Ranch

                   1226 Carter Cove Road

                   Hayesville, NC  28904


4)     Custom cutting instructions for Half Shares are required for butcher

5)     You will be notified before pick-up at

a.      Walnut Hollow Ranch

b.      Corner Butcher Shop in Hayesville, NC

c.      Waldrep’s Meat Processing in Ellijay


6)     Balance due when you pick up your beef  

Walnut Hollow Ranch

                   1100 Carter Cove Road

                   Hayesville, NC  28904



Customer Satisfaction is Walnut Hollow Ranch’s Top Priority



  • Shipping will be quoted for each beef package for each customer
  • Boxes are insulated and includes dry ice
  • Beef is shipped via UPS or FedEx (2) two days ground
  • Please call or email for shipping estimates              


Beef It's What's For Dinner

CALL 828-389-8931 or email info@walnuthollowranch.com