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Buyer and Seller Health Guarantee

 Within 48 business hours, you the purchaser agrees to have this puppy checked out by a licensed Veterinarian of your choice at the purchaser’s expense. If the Veterinarian finds any thing seriously wrong with this puppy it will be exchanged for another of equal value when available. The buyer assumes all responsibility including medical expense for this puppy when they take it from the seller.  Any evidence of abuse or neglect will void this contract. We do not give cash refunds, replacements only. If at any time in the next 2 years, it is found that this dog or puppy has a life threatening hereditary illness a replacement puppy may be offered by the breeder.  If at any time this puppy is to be replaced there must be a letter from the examining Veterinarian must be provided as evidence of the puppy’s illness. In the event of the death of the puppy a necropsy must be performed to determine the cause of death.  This warranty does not cover any type of contagious disease, viruses, parasites, protozoa’s, or fungus. We also do not consider in the case of a male that does not have both testicals present as a life threatening condition. We also do not guarantee size or color when mature. Nor do we guarantee that this pup is show quality, this pup is a pet and is priced as a pet.


Date of purchase: ________________


Seller’s signature: ____________________________________________________


Name: _____________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________


City___________________________ State:________Zip:___________________ 


Birth date___________ Breed: ______________________ __________________


AKC: ___ CKC: ___ Sex: _____  Color: ______________ __________________


Sire: _______________ ___________Dame: _____________________________


Buyer’s signature:_____________________________________________


At the time of sale you will be requiered to sign the contract above.


If having a puppy shipped, click link below to download it. Sign it, and send it back to me before the pup is to be shipped.

Health Guarantee PDF file.

Occationaly I  sell a pup at a reduced price, the buyer will be required to sign a contract with no replacement  garantee. Below is this contract.

No Health Guarantee


This pup/dog, is being sold with No Guarantee. The purchaser understands that this pup/dog is being offered at a reduced price and will have No Guarantee.

            The purchaser assumes all responsibility including medical expenses for this puppy when they take it from the seller, no exceptions.

            We also do not guarantee the size, color, or that the pup/dog can be bred. This pup/dog is being sold as a pet not a show prospect or breeder.



Date of Purchase: _________________ 



Seller’s Signature:_____________________________________________



New owner:_________________________________________________



Address: _________________________________Phone#_____________



City: ___________________________State: ______ Zip:_____________



Birth Date:______________ Breed: __________________ Sex: ________



AKC: ___CKC: ____Sire: _____________ Dame: _________________



Buyer’s Signature:___________________________________________________



Vaccines given are Fort Dodge 5 way. Date given: ____________________


Worming with Anthelban. Date given: ______________________________


No Health Guarantee PDF